Peace, Love and Llamas

The annual Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) Cupcake Day was Monday  17 August 2015. At work, we participate in this event annually and this year our Cupcake Morning Tea was held on Wednesday 19 August, and a grand total of $784 was raised.

I work with some red-hot bakers who like nothing more than baking for a good cause, and here are some photos from archives from previous years to show you just how good they are!


balls_05_wpballs_06_wpThis year was no exception, my colleagues upped the ante, and produced this spectacular display of cupcakes.

balls_19_wpballs_23_wpballs_21_wpCupcakes have the power to save thousands of neglected and abandoned animals. All you need to do is get some people together who like to bake, and some who like to eat.

For those who prefer not bake and want something sweet but perhaps without the white sugar and flour overload – there are some alternative treats – the humble ball!


This year the poochettes donated lemon balls – these coconut covered treats deliver a burst of natural sweetness. For those interested in the recipe click on Lemon Tree Very Pretty


Okay, the advertising for last year’s protein balls was a slight exaggeration. No, they won’t turn you into the Austrian Oak (aka Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime) but they are delicious, nutritious, and come in two flavours: chocolate and raspberry. And I did say that the protein balls would make you ‘feel’ as strong Austrian Oak – which is arguably less of a stretch than claiming your body would be transformed. For those interested in the recipe click on You’ve Got To Have Balls!


It’s always great to have choice. Attendees could select a delectable morning snack from tables groaning with pretty cupcakes with candy-coloured icing, lemonade scones, protein balls or even savoury muffins, and you can be sure that they tasted all the better because they helped raise funds to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home animals.

I refrained from putting my poochettes photos in the pet competition because I did last year and the rules were such that we could only vote once – how could I choose between my two dogs? I couldn’t, so I cheated and voted twice.


Not all entrants received a tick – it made me very sad to see some beloved pets did not even secure at least one vote. The odd thing is that I don’t really have any objections to beauty pageants for people (adults that is) but couldn’t quite get my head around one for pets. I wrote about it last year – Best In Show

This year there was a caption contest as well a photograph of a llama with a speech bubble just waiting to be filled in. I didn’t enter but discovered the perfect answer on the back of a truck – Peace, Love and Llamas – which was promoting Ottaba Llamas.


I was too late to enter but it’s not too late to take a day trip to Esk (if you live in the south-east) to walk, picnic or – as rumour has it –  drink wine with llamas, and that’s a win/win situation!

4 Comments on Peace, Love and Llamas

  1. Tracy
    August 26, 2015 at 8:44 am (2 years ago)

    What a fabulous recap of a great cause and how well you captured the fun we bakers and eaters alike, had helping the furry ones in our lives and in shelters across the country.

  2. Ing Reils
    August 28, 2015 at 7:10 am (2 years ago)

    Brilliant effort for a great cause. Those lemon balls look delectable and I’ve just bookmarked the recipe. Your pooches are so cute – glad you decided you couldn’t pick between those faces !


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