Fast Times On AnnaVegas High Street

Whaddya do, when you have a good idea, but no one else gets it? Share it anyway, I say!

I recently posted Almost Famous In AnnaVegas about the shopping precinct in my local ‘hood, and how it has come of age with its own unique offerings. And what an eclectic mix it is – a Parisian-style bohemian market, shops stocked with buttons and bows, a most splendid array of bespoke gowns, plenty of new and pre-loved items, and much more.


The Annerley Junction Community held its annual Christmas Fair from 9am until 1pm today (Saturday 5 December 2015). And, in keeping with my Almost Famous theme, I again borrowed from the creative mind of Cameron Crowe (actor, author, director, producer, screenwriter, journalist, and memoirist extraordinaire) to present you with Fast Times On AnnaVegas High Street.

And the cast is pretty extraordinary. Meet Trish, from Something Simple Coasters, rocking her 70s style and holding up two of her creations – the bespoke suited but very grumpy cat, and vintage glamour hula girl, are just two of the quirky options available.

annavegas_04A humble sausage on bread is one the tastiest treats available. The lovely Anna from St Luke’s Ekibin Anglican Parish made mine on brown bread, a side of onions, and just the right amount of tomato sauce.


A stroll down the Arcadia Bohemian Market uncovered some new discoveries, such as artist, Henry Kernaghan, and his colourful collection of screen-printed cushions.

annavegas_05_wpAnd some new fancy work from Arcadia regulars. Those of a ‘certain’ age will remember bluebird of happiness jewellery for young girls (rings, bracelets, and brooches), and Rosemary from Our Lady of Saintly Salvage or Rosemary Scarlet’s Emporium of Divine Decadence & Curiosities has perfectly stitched this romantic and nostalgic tribute in the form a summer top which, of course, is called The Bluebird of Happiness.

annavegas_08Let’s take a peek inside and outside the Vintage Collective Shop to see what’s on offer!

annavegas_07-wpBut don’t expect it to be the same next time you visit, the layout and stock are always changing.

annavegas_09_wpBack to the high street and some very colourful Christmas decorations.

annavegas_10_wpAnd stocking fillers!

annavegas_11_wpI had to pop into Voodoo Rabbit Fabric to pick up some more red, green and white rickrack to tie around my Christmas balls.

annavegas_17_wpAnd was greeted outside by the owner in a frock made from Dr Who fabric that is currently in stock.

annavegas_14_wpVoodoo Rabbit Fabric specialises in a range of fabrics and sewing supplies that match their own tastes – eclectic, rockabilly, retro, vintage, punk, sleek geek, dark and “a bit goth”. Voodoo Rabbit loves skulls, cherries, black, red, white, space invaders, cotton textiles and all things heart shaped.

annavegas_15_wpAnd I loved the Voodoo Rabbit felt brooch so much so I bought two, immediately pinned one on myself and the other on my neighbour and bookclub friend, Donna. Mine is black and her’s is white but we are now Voodoo Rabbit sisters.

You can see I am carrying Notes From The Velvet Underground: The Life of Lou Reed by Howard Sounes, which I just picked up from the Annerley Library, conveniently located on the AnnaVegas High Street strip (otherwise known as Ipswich Road).

annavegas_16_wpThis lovely arrangement was made by a visitor to the library, who attended the floral design for beginners workshop, and kindly gave me permission to take a photograph.

What’s missing from the AnnaVegas High Street – Sean Penn (aka Jeff Spicoli)? Well not really, we have our own who is almost a perfect match to this image.


Photo courtesy

But because of privacy restrictions and other corporate edicts, I cannot reveal his identity. But if you are curious why not pay a visit to the AnnaVegas High Street to try and find our ‘Sean’. Most of the fun is in the seeking, and even if you don’t find him, you are sure to find many other things to pique your interest.

4 Comments on Fast Times On AnnaVegas High Street

  1. Donna
    December 6, 2015 at 4:03 pm (2 years ago)

    Inese (Voodoo Rabbit Sister), great post! Love reading about our fabulous hood xx

  2. The Hipsterette
    December 7, 2015 at 6:57 am (2 years ago)

    Thanks – and here’s to future adventures!

  3. Rosemary
    December 7, 2015 at 7:43 am (2 years ago)

    Great blog ! Good to see you on Saturday Inese. Sorry we didn’t get time to chat. It WAS a fabulous day and so busy. Loads of lovely people about.

      December 7, 2015 at 10:31 am (2 years ago)

      I am loving the Blue Bird of Happiness and some of your other wares!


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