Character Building

Authors have all sorts of devices to keep them on track when it comes to creating works of fiction and character building. If you are high-tech, you might consider one of these packages: WriteItNow WriteWayPro Power Structure Power Writer Dramatica Pro. Photo courtesy Creative writing session via Photopin and Creative Commons If you are low-tech, | Read more…


The Fast And The Furious (And Fates And Furies)

November for most of us is a frenetic month – we suddenly realise that there’s only one month until the end of the year. Many of us act as if we are auditioning for a cameo role in the next Fast and Furious franchised film, as we juggernaut at break-neck (and sometimes testosterone-fueled) speed to | Read more…


Almost Famous In AnnaVegas

Brisbane has ‘come of age’ in terms of shopping, don’t you think? We have almost got it all – the premier shopping precinct – The City –  (or Town as we used to call it in my youth) now has its flagship luxury stores (Chanel, Hermès, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, et al) and high street favorites (Top Shop, | Read more…

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