It’s Joan Crawford

After a long and emotionally arduous week could there be any better way to recover on Saturday night than to watch Bill Collins introduce that 1945 classic Mildred Pierce, starring the incomparable Joan Crawford? Actually yes there was, because Bill had an extra treat up his suit jacket sleeve – a Joan Crawford double feature | Read more…


Role Models

Models often become role models – sometimes by happenstance and sometimes by design. Photo courtesy Janey Wilcox, a one-time Victoria’s Secret model and character in Candace Bushnell’s novel Trading Up, upholds the modelling profession at a dinner party when she offers these sage words to guests who are not models: “No matter what bad | Read more…


Forever Young

Marilyn Monroe died 53 years ago on the 5 August 1962 under somewhat controversial circumstances, and there is still much debate about what happened and who was responsible. Sadly, I think that the truth died along with Marilyn. Decade after decade, each new generation continues to idolise and reinvent Marilyn. The worlds of art, music, | Read more…

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