Nike Cortez

The White Shoe Brigade

Sneakers are everywhere! Just about every fashion blog confirms that the humble (and not so humble) sneaker is the ‘IT’ shoe of the moment. They are everywhere and, apparently, can be worn with everything. Sneakers and skirts are almost mandatory. Photo courtesy And, if you are at a loss to know what to wear | Read more…


Character Building

Authors have all sorts of devices to keep them on track when it comes to creating works of fiction and character building. If you are high-tech, you might consider one of these packages: WriteItNow WriteWayPro Power Structure Power Writer Dramatica Pro. Photo courtesy Creative writing session via Photopin and Creative Commons If you are low-tech, | Read more…


Anthropology 101

I first came across the book Primates of Park Avenue on my FaceBook feed courtesy of that stellar news publication, The New York Times, which presented me with an article called “Poor Little Rich Women”, written by the author, Wednesday Martin. It held the promise of a fascinating read: an anthropological field study of mothers | Read more…

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