Synchronicity And Serendipity

‘Tripping’ down memory lane On Sunday night, synchronicity and serendipity aligned with the stars to make for a rather perfect evening. We went to see The Age of Adeline at the recently refurbished New Farm Six Cinemas (formerly known as the Village Twin Cinemas). Photo courtesy As we approached the building with its flood-lit | Read more…


Living In The 70s – I Was There

The whole decade, that is, from 1970 to 1979 – admittedly I was aged between eight and 17, and was young and free-spirited enough not to be influenced by “good” or “bad” fashion. I simply looked longingly at those fabulous outfits women and girls older than myself wore, and dreamed about wearing them myself. Now in | Read more…


Rolling With The Homies – Part I

For a chick who led a pretty sheltered life back in Georgian-Regency England, Jane Austen’s keen observations of society with all its petty meanness and snobberies continue to strike a chord with the generations that follow. Back then, opportunities for women were minimal, and life was confined to the stifling sphere of drawing rooms, country walks | Read more…

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