Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe

It’s Wednesday lunchtime and my attempt to swim is stymied by what seemed like hundreds of school children marching through the turnstiles at the pool – my best-laid plans will have to wait for another day! I decided to walk the long way back to the office and stumbled upon a treasure – called the | Read more…


Meet Florence The Machine

Meet my new, and first ever, mix-master – made by Sunbeam and named after the iconic and legendary, Florence Broadhurst. She’s quite a stylish piece, don’t you think? Florence can now add “domestic goddess” to her already impressive curriculum vitae which lists an array of professions: painter, print-maker, sculptor, singer, actor, fashionista and socialite, designer | Read more…


Hollywood Dogs – a black and white view of the Golden Age of Hollywood

Dog-lovers, movie buffs, photography enthusiasts, lovers of great style, and coffee table book aficionados will want to the add Hollywood Dogs to their collections – it’s a visual feast – 168 pages of striking, elegant and often amusing photographs of the actors and actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age and their canine co-stars or much beloved | Read more…

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